Time Has No Place Here

Time has no place here
And within it
I have no place
I am not marked by a date, a year
an hour
I simply exist.
In this blissful state
I am free
Where there is no time
I have no worries
Serenity embraces me with its gentle arms,
Which are anchored by
My own ignorance
Nothing passes away here
Where time has no place
All that is mine
Has no manner in which to escape from
My iron hands, tipped with nails of silver and steel which
Constrain the present
With a grip smothering and unrelenting alike
No disturbance nor mayhem
May enter this cloak of placid nothing
No novel dream nor hope
Can seep through this mindless euphoria
Time has no place here
But I have no place with the world;
For I am
Disconnected by my own
Ecstasy in which
All I feel is a distorted sense of comfort,
Slowly strangling
The spirit of life that
Glows softly within me
If time has no place
Neither can I

-Megan M. Phillips


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