You pass me by like
The fallen, crinkled, brown leaves
That litter the sidewalk
After a biting autumn day
The leaves that
Crunch as you step upon them
Without a second thought
For your eyes are to the
Sky and
Away from
Years and years of our bond
Slowly rotting away
A rose smothered beneath a
Ever ticking
Struggling to survive
You’ve changed
The door you once held open with
A warm smile and
Gentle hands
Has slammed shut
You lie to me with your eyes and
Your very presence is
You’ve gradually locked me out of
The life I was once
An important part of
And here we sit
Individually broken
Crying behind our overgrown
Locked doors
Give me strength
The strength it takes to decide to
Finally go and
Open the door
Once more

-Megan M. Phillips

I want to thank anyone who has followed me, liked, or commented! I’m new to this and sharing my writing and it really means a lot me! Thank you so much, I hope you all have a great night! πŸ˜€


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