Evening Dreams

Swimming through a
Raspberry orange sky with
Stretched out cotton clouds
For wings
The Sun slowly falling into the
Blue blue ocean
Ruby flames
Of liquid
Icily cool to the
A sea breeze song with
Pink-tinted salt and sand and fragile sea glass all
Whirling together in a
Whimsical and novel melody
Night fall
An ethereal concert of
Softly glowing, pale moths that
Dance among billions of blazing
Silver and gold
Before a near invisible
Dagger crescent moon
Which quietly pulls the
Blackish blue waves of the sea
Back and forth
Onto the sand like
Ink onto a
Blank page
Lulling the starlit scenery into a
Deeper sleep
Evening dreams
Where the
Sky is a sea and
Clouds are wings
The breeze is a
Soothing symphony and
The moths and fireflies
Where the
Moon is an author
The muse of the
Ocean itself
Evening dreams
Such beautiful
Fantasies and realities
Such an extraordinary journey
Taken by mere

-Megan M. Phillips


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