I once had people
Who were always there
Never did I question
That they cared
Their love shone through even
On the darkest nights
Never did they allow me to
Struggle through my fights
I once had people
Who would always listen
To my abundance of thoughts
No matter how trivial
Dark or
They were always there
When I needed to be heard
In a world which
Repeatedly crushed my voice
I once had people
Who would show me love
They constantly reminded me
That I was enough
They told me how much they cared
But then
No one noticed
When I started to
Slip away
The calls came less
The comforts
The voices that had once
Been eager
For my presence
Became cold and
I suddenly realized that
Their withdraw was because
I was needed no longer
I was merely a stepping stool
All along
A tree for the
Dejected to
Lean upon
Until they gathered themselves up
With my love and
Ran away
Leaving me
Emptied and
I closed off and
They were angry
Not at the monster that had
Stolen away the brighter version
Of myself they and I had
Their wrath fell upon
Not being able to
Fix myself
So here I am
A broken girl
Without a single
Friend in the world
Who can possibly
Without one
Gentle hand to
Catch me as I
Without one heart that
Cares enough to truly
Hear me
They smile as they
Watch me
Lose it

-Megan M. Phillips


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