img_4742She’s a shadow,
Singing softly, smiling slightly.
She makes up her own lyrics to the
Melodies she knows, and she
Keeps them vaulted away in her
Mind, humming them too quietly for
Anyone to hear.

She’s a shadow,
Slipping behind others in the day,
Filling in their footsteps with
Silent, ghostly grace,
Her hand leaving an
Invisible trail as it skims across the
Fogged glass wall that
You and her,
Her and them.
She is unnoticed, unseen.
But at night, she is everywhere all
At once.
There’s no ignoring her then.

She’s a shadow, with a
Secret name, a blurry face that
Dares you to
Remember her.
She won’t cry when you don’t, but
She’ll have a harder time forgetting
Than you did.

She’s a shadow,
Not just any silhouette.
I wonder if you remember
She’s yours.



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